Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pulling Up The Drawbridge

A few months ago, Pat was looking at my blog and mentioned that he wasn't entirely comfortable with this public forum. He feels like it leaves us open and vulnerable to forces unseen and unknown. It's a hard point to argue. I've been slowly putting together a password protected site to replace this one. I wasn't willing to give up blogging all together.

I started this site simply as a way of keeping my family and friends updated on our lives without having to send out mass emails with tons of photos attached. I never expected total strangers to drop by and actually care about our stories. But many of those strangers have become friends. I look in on their sites to keep up with them and their families. I'll keep the frame of this site active so that I can continue to visit with all of you and comment on your pages. If you think you'd like to keep up with happenings in the Kingdom, please send me an email at the address to the right and I can grant you safe passage.